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Cate: Classical Novels  Author:Arthur Conan Doyle 

"The spring of 1894, the London for the honorable Ronald idel is very unusual and mysterious murder extremely concerned, upper-class people more so lose heart. The general public have been informed by the police investigation results the characteristics of the crime, but there are still many content at the time the truth hidden and not...

TAG: Sherlock Holmes Novel Hardback

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Memories and Studies

Cate: Short Stories  Author:novel 

It would be unnatural to have such an assemblage as this meet in the Museum and Faculty Room of this University and yet have no public word spoken in honor of a name which must be silently present to the minds of all our visitors.

TAG: Original English Works Novel

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An Unquiet Grave

Cate: Comprehensive Novel  Author:novel 

The dead is not always quiet lie in the grave.Sometimes they are in this world haven't finished things or avenging the injustice that think for themselves;Perhaps in the life of their own are done evil, even if the dead had no rest, so they must come back to haunt the living and fear.

TAG: Novel Hardback

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