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Edison, His Life and Inventions

Category: Biographical  Author:novel 

General Counsel For The Edison Laboratory And Allied Interests

TAG: 爱迪生 人物传记 经典英文小说

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The Life of George Borrow

Category: Biographical  Author:novel 


TAG: 英文小说在线阅读 经典英文小说

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The True Story of My Life

Category: Biographical  Author:汉斯·克里斯蒂安·安徒生 Hans Christian Andersen 

Gentlemen,—I take this opportunity of forwarding to you, the proof sheets of the unpublished Life of Hans Christian Andersen—translated from a copy transmitted to me for that purpose, by the Author. It is as well to state that this is the Author's Edition, he being participant in the proceeds of this work.

TAG: 英文经典名人传记 经典英文小说

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A Book About Myself

Category: Biographical  Author:Theodore Dreiser西奥多·德莱塞 

During the year 1890 I had been formulating my first dim notion as to what it was I wanted to do in life. For two years and more I had been reading Eugene Field’s “Sharps and Flats,” a column he wrote daily for the Chicago Daily News, and through this, the various phases of life which he suggested in a humorous though at times romantic...


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