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This web site is just a network service provider, all from the original author to upload or written authorization, the author is for the rich network resources, promote the development of the Internet culture, any login this website in any way or direct, the indirectly USES this website data, as a volunteer for this web site terms of service.

submission instructions

1, all comply with national laws and regulations, work is created by the author, can be published on this site or upload.
2, who authorized this site published work, according to the different means of uploading, its copyright belongs to the author or authors share with this web site, the author together with this web site shall enjoy the exclusive authorization is granted when the author, after the authorization to this web site may not be published or reproduced in the authorization to other web sites at the same time. , reprint articles published on this web site is its copyright all all together with the author or this site, such as other media, websites or individuals from this net downloading use, when the article reprinted, please be sure to respect the copyright of the article, copyright, without permission of the right holder in writing, the download may not be reproduced or used for any commercial purposes.
3, we rejected all such as reactionary, obscene in violation of state laws and regulations, for those who are against social moral and ethical politics, intense work will not be published on this site.
4, laptop website will be published in this website right articles or images used for other purposes, including website, electronic magazines, etc, the article have attached unless copyright statement. We decline any does not conform to the original works of literature development direction. In this website
5, any without consent of the author or this website, please don't reprint this website work contents, offenders assume legal responsibility! Published if you would like to transfer all of the original works, must please contact the author or this site and obtain the written permission, and shall retain the information during transfer.
6, this website is respect the copyright of the network file, all files are from the network software, all available to download software and resources for the software or program the author provided or net friend upload, only for the use of study and research, rather than on this site are provided.
7, download resources offered by this website does not guarantee the accuracy, security and integrity; After downloading please check with the virus, and at the same time also does not assume the user because of use the download resources for themselves and others for any form of loss or damage.


Users of this web site because of violation of the provisions of this clause and breaking the law, is responsible for all the consequences himself, this site does not undertake any responsibility.
1, every subscribers without the permission of the upload works within the network community BBS, disclaim all liability for the users to upload this web site.
2, belong to the data and study nature article, on the premise of can't get in touch with the author, this web site the user shall ensure that after the upload is not for any commercial purposes, such as the author disagree to this, you can notice on this site, after check this web site will be deleted.
3, if because of this website have any resorting to judicial proceedings legal controversy, this web site owners to the court for the jurisdiction of the courts, unless China have mandatory provisions of law.
4, the terms of service of this site and its modification, update and final interpretation belong to the
Above 5, clause in the release date of effect, visitors must carefully read and agree to the terms. Visitors access to browse this web site including but not limited to, the use, upload, transfer, promotion, links, etc., are considered to be the visitor agreed to this website disclaimer. If the conflict rules and relevant laws and regulations, and laws and regulations shall prevail, please.

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