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The Little Lame Prince10

Category: Children's Novel  Author:Miss Mulock 

In the story, the young Prince Dolor, whose legs are paralysed due to a childhood trauma, is exiled to a tower in a wasteland. As he grows older, a fairy godmother provides a magical travelling cloak so he can see, but not touch, the world.

TAG: Lame Prince 小说在线阅读 儿童英文小说

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The Water-Babies

Category: Children's Novel  Author:Charles Kingsley 

TO MY YOUNGEST SON GRENVILLE ARTHUR AND TO ALL OTHER GOOD LITTLE BOYS.Come read me my riddle, each good little man; If you cannot read it, no grown up folk can.

TAG: 儿童英文小说 英文小说在线阅读

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The Bobbsey Twins

Category: Children's Novel  Author:novel 

The Bobbsey Twins series. This interesting children’s series first became available to readers all the way back in 1904. That is when the debut book in the series came out. It ran for quite a while and the last of the books would be released in 1979.

TAG: 英文原版小说 儿童英文小说

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Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories

Category: Children's Novel  Author:Stewart, Cal 

The one particular object in writing this book is to furnish you with an occasional laugh, and the writer with an occasional dollar. If you get the laugh you have your equivalent, and the writer has his.

TAG: 儿童英文小说 英文小说在线阅读

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Toni, the Little Woodcarver

Category: Children's Novel  Author:Johanna Spyri 

Toni, the central figure, is a little goat-herder who longs to develop his gift of wood carving. Little Toni and his mother live in a mountain hut in the Swiss alps. Toni wants to become a woodcarver, and he seems to have a knack for it, but his mother can’t afford to pay for his training. Instead, he is sent high up the mountain to te...

TAG: 小说在线阅读 儿童英文小说

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