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Robur the Conqueror征服者罗布尔

Category: Science Fiction  Author:Jules Verne儒勒·凡尔纳 

A competition between advocates of lighter-than-air aircraft (balloons) and advocates of heavier-than-air aircraft. It also known as The Clipper of the Clouds or A Trip Round the World in a Flying Machine, is a pioneering early science fiction novel.

TAG: science fiction

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Category: Science Fiction  Author:novel 

经典科幻小说, 讲述七个来自不同星球、拥有不同背景、为了不同目的的朝圣者,踏上前往光阴冢的朝圣之旅,寻求与各自生命有关的答案。被改编成电影。


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The psychology of sleep

Category: Science Fiction  Author:Bolton Hall 

At the request of the author, I have read this book in proof sheets, and, from the point of view of one interested in psychology, I have suggested many amendments which have all, I think, been adopted.


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Category: Science Fiction  Author:John Buchan 

During the past year, in the intervals of an active life, I have amused myself with constructing this tale. It has been scribbled in every kind of odd place and moment—in England and abroad, during long journeys, in half-hours between graver tasks; and it bears, I fear, the mark of its gipsy begetting. 

TAG: Greenmantle

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