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Queen Hildegarde

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:novel 

The official description reads, "Spoiled New York City girl, Hildegarde Graham, is sent to stay with her mother's old nurse in the country. 

TAG: 原版小说

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Queer Little Folks

Cate: Short Stories  Author:novel 

 Once there was a nice young hen that we will call Mrs. Feathertop.  She was a hen of most excellent family, being a direct descendant of the Bolton Grays, and as pretty a young fowl as you could wish to see of a summer’s day.  She was, moreover, as fortunately situated in life as it was possible for a hen to be. &...

TAG: Novel Online Novel

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Queen Lucia

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:novel 

Mrs. Emmeline Lucas of Riseholm is a relentless social climber who rules her small English village with a calculating mind and an iron fist. She is attended at every turn by Peppino, who writes bad poetry, and her best friend, Georgie, with whom she plays Mozart duets and pretends to speak Italian. Lucia's position is shaken by a newco...


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Quentin Durward

Cate: Comprehensive Novel  Author:Sir Walter Scott 

Quentin Durward is a historical novel by Walter Scott, first published in 1823. The story concerns a Scottish archer in the service of the French King Louis XI (1423-1483).

TAG: Surprise marriage in mind Classic English novel

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