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Betty Leicester's Christmas

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:Sarah Orne Jewett萨拉•奥恩•朱厄特 

Betty, a sixteen year old American girl who's visiting England, is invited, along with her widowed father, to attend a Christmas house party at the home of a woman Betty adores.

TAG: Betty

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Bracebridge Hall

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:Irving Washington华盛顿·欧文 

 Bracebridge Hall is a series of intimate character sketches that complete an idealized portrait of rural life in the 19th century. Set in the countryside of Yorkshire, Washington Irving’s Bracebridge Hall follows the events leading to the marriage of a young couple, detouring to explore the personalities of the residents in the histor...


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Black Jack38

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:Max Brand 

Terry is the son of the outlaw Black Jack Hollis. When Hollis was murdered, Elizabeth bet her brother, Vance, that she could raise Hollis's son to be an honest man, that it was the ...


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Brother and Sister

Cate: Children's Novel  Author:novel 

Brother and Sister is a children's story written by Josephine Lawrence, the authors of BROTHER AND SISTER SERIES books including "BROTHER AND SISTER'S SCHOOLDAYS", and  "BROTHER AND SISTER'S HOLIDAYS".

TAG: 儿童小说

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Bully and Bawly No-Tail

Cate: Children's Novel  Author:Howard R. Garis 

Bully and Bawly No-Tail (the Jumping Frogs)

TAG: Children Novel

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Beyond the City

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:Arthur Conan Doyle阿瑟·柯南·道尔 

the new-comers.breaking the ice.dwellers in the wilderness.a sister's secret.a naval old story...

TAG: Classical

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Badge of Infamy

Cate: Science Fiction  Author:Lester del Rey 

 The air of the city's cheapest flophouse was thick with the smells of harsh antiseptic and unwashed bodies. The early Christmas snowstorm had driven in every bum who could steal or beg the price of admission, and the long rows of cots were filled with fully clothed figures. Those who could afford the extra dime were huddled under thin...

TAG: Badge of Infamy

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Bill Bolton and the Flying Fish

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:novel 

 The young Seminole chief spoke from the rear cockpit of Bill Bolton’s two-seater amphibian, into the transmitter of his headphone set. Bright August sunshine painted a calm Atlantic brilliant blue two thousand feet below the speeding airplane.


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Boys of the Central

Cate: Classical Novels  Author:I. T. Thurston 

 An algebra recitation was in progress in D section.Reed was on his feet explaining the given problem with his usual quickness and accuracy. Suddenly Mr. Horton interrupted him.“Very well, Reed, take your seat. Crawford, you may continue the explanation.”


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