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The Catcher In The Rye

"The catcher in the rye, romney is the David, salinger the only a novel, it pointed out the objective and deeply teenagers growing up into a facing problems. Novel published has caused great dispute, but still got the large number of readers alike.

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Free? No. Liars, yes. Cheaters yes. May your offspring suffer the punishments for your deceptions..
Nov 8 2016 ago
No free. It starts to charge when read chapter 10.
Mar 29 2018 ago
Hey bucko you are lying, this is not free you stupid MFer
Oct 8 2018 ago
fuck shit this!... downloaded and the format is TXT.. R u fucking kiddin g me ?
Nov 19 2018 ago
The fact that it isn't fully free is phony. All of you are phony. This killed me. It really did.
Dec 19 2018 ago
Not cool, get halfway through ch.8 then wham bam, u get cut of till u pay, what a scam!!!!
Aug 3 2019 ago

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