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 And finally, in his reflections as an ill-used man tied for life to a woman who knows not tact1, Mr. Omicron asserted further that Mrs. Omicron only thought of spending and titivating herself. To assert that she only thought of spending did not satisfy his spleen; he must add “titivating herself.” He would admit, of course, that she did as a fact sometimes think of other matters, but still he would uphold the gravamen of his charge. And yet—excellent Omicron!—you have but to look the truth in the face—as a plain common-sense man will—and to use your imagination, in order to perceive that there really is no gravamen in the charge.  
Why did you insist on marrying Mrs. Omicron? She had the reputation of being a good housekeeper2 (as girls go); she was a serious girl, kind-hearted, of irreproachable3 family, having agreeable financial expectations, clever, well-educated, good-tempered, pretty. But the truth is that you married her for none of these attributes. You married her because you were attracted to her; and what attracted you was a mysterious, never-to-be-defined quality about her—an effluence, an emanation, a lurking4 radiance, an entirely5 enigmatic charm. In the end “charm” is the one word that even roughly indicates that element in her personality which caused you to lose your head about her. A similar phenomenon is to be observed in all marriages of inclination6. A similar phenomenon is at the bottom of most social movements. Why, the Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage7 itself certainly came into being through the strange workings of that same phenomenon! You married Mrs. Omicron doubtless because she was “suitable,” but her “suitability,” for you, consisted in the way she breathed, the way she crossed a room, a transient gesture, a vibration8 in her voice, a blush, a glance, the curve of an arm—nothing, nothing—and yet everything!
You may condescend9 towards this quality of hers, Mr. Omicron—you may try to dismiss it as “feminine charm,” and have done with it. But you cannot have done with it. And the fact will ever remain that you are incapable10 of supplying it yourself, with all your talents and your divine common sense. You are an extremely wise and good man, but you cannot ravish the senses of a roomful of people by merely walking downstairs, by merely throwing a shawl over your shoulders, by a curious depression in the corner of one cheek. This gift of grace is not yours. Wise as you are, you will be still wiser if you do not treat it disdainfully. It is among the supreme11 things in the world. It has made a mighty
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