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 By one of those coincidences for which destiny is sometimes responsible, the two very opposite plain men whom I am going to write about were most happily named Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega; for, owing to a difference of temperament1, they stood far apart, at the extreme ends of the scale.  
In youth, of course, the differences between them was not fully2 apparent; such differences seldom are fully apparent in youth. It first made itself felt in a dramatic way, on the evening when Mr. Alpha wanted to go to the theatre and Mr. Omega didn’t. At this period they were both young and both married, and the two couples shared a flat together. Also, they were both getting on very well in their careers, by which is meant that they both had spare cash to rattle3 in the pockets of their admirably-creased trousers.
“Come to the theatre with us to-night, Omega?” said Mr. Alpha.
“I don’t think we will,” said Mr. Omega.
“But we particularly want you to,” insisted Mr. Alpha.
“Well, it can’t be done,” said Mr. Omega.
“Got another engagement?”
“Then why won’t you come? You don’t mean to tell me you’re hard up?”
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