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 One day Jumpo Kinkytail, the little green monkey, was ill with the sniffle-snuffles and could not go to school. I don't know whether it was because he had missed his lesson the day before, or because he waded1 through a mud-puddle on his way home, and got his feet wet that made him sniffle. Anyhow Dr. Possum came and gave him some bitter medicine.  
It was so bitter that Jumpo made a funny face like two sour oranges and a piece of lemon pie all rolled up together. And his brother Jacko laughed, which didn't make Jumpo feel any better.
"Humph! I don't laugh when you are ill," said Jumpo, twisting up his face like a crooked3 doughnut.
"I'm sorry, but really I couldn't help it," said Jacko, as he got ready to go off to school. "You do make the funniest faces, Jumpo. But I'll tell the teacher you can't come to class, and I'll ask her what lesson you are to study. Then I'll bring home your books."
"Oh, you needn't bother," said Jumpo quickly. "I—I guess I'm not sick enough for that. Just tell teacher that I can spell cow now. I know better than to begin it with a 'K.'" For that is the lesson Jumpo had missed the day before he was taken ill.
Well, Jacko started for school, and on the way all the other animal children asked him where his little green brother was.
"I'm very sorry," said Bully4 No-Tail, the frog, when he had heard what was the trouble. "I like Jumpo because he is the same color I am, and tomorrow I'm going to bring him some green grapes so he can play marbles with them in bed."
"That will be nice," said Jacko. Then he got to school and told the teacher about Jumpo. Of course the owl5 lady was also sorry for the little sick monkey, and she wrote him a nice note on a piece of white cocoanut, so that after Jumpo had read it he could eat the cocoanut—that is, when he was well enough.
Pretty soon it was time for school to be out, and Jacko hurried home to be with his sick brother.
"I'll just take the short path through the woods," thought the little red monkey. "Then I'll be home quicker. And I wish I had a penny, or a five-cent piece. Then I would buy Jumpo an ice cream cone6. But I haven't any money."
So of course when one has no money one can buy no ice cream cones7, but still Jacko wished it just the same, which shows that he had a kind heart.
He was going through a dark part of the woods, when all of a sudden he saw, just in front of him, some small, whitish looking things, like little stones.
"Ha! I wonder what these are?" said Jacko, as he took hold of his books in his tail and went carefully forward. "Perhaps that is a trap to catch me."
Then he saw that the little things were a lot of peanuts, all strung out in a row on the ground, like grains of corn, one after another. "Ah, ha! I see!" exclaimed the Jack2 o'Lantern—oh, I beg your pardon, I mean the red monkey. "These are peanuts. Some one has been along here with a bag that had a hole in it, and the peanuts dropped out," went on Jacko. "Well, if I knew to whom they belonged I'd give them back. But, as I don't, I'll take them home to my sick brother, and later on, if some one claims them, I'll save up my pennies and pay them back."
So with this kind thought in mind, Jacko set to work to gather up the peanuts. There were quite a number of them, when they were all in one pile—as many as two five-cent bags full.
"I think I will eat just one, to see if they will be good for Jumpo," said Jacko, after a while. So, with his strong, white teeth he cracked the shell of one peanut and ate it—that is, he ate the peanut, not the shell. Of course, you un............
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