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 As soon as Pomander had drawn1 his breath and realized this discovery, he darted2 upstairs, and with all the demure3 calmness he could assume, told Mr. Vane, whom he met descending4, that he was happy to find his engagements permitted him to join the party in Bloomsbury Square. He then flung himself upon his servant's horse.  
Like Iago, he saw the indistinct outline of a glorious and a most malicious5 plot; it lay crude in his head and heart at present; thus much he saw clearly, that, if he could time Mrs. Vane's arrival so that she should pounce6 upon the Woffington at her husband's table, he might be present at and enjoy the public discomfiture7 of a man and woman who had wounded his vanity. Bidding his servant make the best of his way to Bloomsbury Square, Sir Charles galloped8 in that direction himself, intending first to inquire whether Mrs. Vane was arrived, and, if not, to ride toward Islington and meet her. His plan was frustrated9 by an accident; galloping
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