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 At the beginning of the war there were many who ascribed the world to a conflict of races. At present there are many who would either the rôle of race as a factor in history or eliminate it altogether. These people describe the theories of race as "race " and consider them the invention of scholars rather than facts of objective reality.  
Among a certain section of the Jewish people this of race theories is very popular. If there are not races in this world, then assimilation is the easiest and best way to solve the Jewish question.
It may or may not be true that race is a biological category, but it is true beyond a doubt that the consciousness of race among all peoples always was and will be an historic factor of prime importance. Therefore, it matters little whether or not race is a biological fact. History and its are concerned only with consciousness of race.
If consciousness of race were to be recognized only because it exists and has always existed, people might say: "So other have likewise existed." The fact, however, is that the consciousness of race has a definite psychological basis, although we know next to nothing about its biological foundation. We see that the co-existence of like individuals in a definite place and during a long period of time, who are held together by a common , by a common destiny and interest, and the interaction resulting from such co-existence produces new and radiates creative energies which cannot be simply reduced to the qualities and forces of the individual minds. These energies radiating from the co-existence of a group of individuals are new, original and creative. They are more than actualized potentialities, and are to the individuals sharing in the co-existence as are sounds which the great artist draws from the violin to the violin itself. The energies from this co-existence often assume shape and form which differ from the energies of the separate individuals. They appear rather one-sided and unbalanced. For instance, the separate individuals have[59] about an equally large or small amount of religious or æsthetic desire, an equally large or small sense of justice or morality.
If the energies radiating from the co-existence would comprise and express the will of the individuals only, the culture of the group would necessarily consist of equal portions and exhibit a proportionate amount of , and . But we see that every great culture gravitates in a certain direction. Hellenism tends towards the artistic-philosophical, Judaism towards the religious-, and Romanism towards the political-legal. We thus see that the of the mind of the race being one-sided is more than the sum total of the expression of all the individual members of the race, and as soon as we recognize a certain psychological or , of a certain group of people, we must also recognize that this unity is modeled and shaped by ti............
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