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Chapter 73
My greatest wish – other than salvation – was to have abook. A long book with a never-ending story. One I could readagain and again, with new eyes and a fresh understandingeach time. Alas, there was no scripture in the lifeboat. I was adisconsolate Arjuna in a battered chariot without the benefit ofKrishna's words. The first time I came upon a Bible in thebedside table of a hotel room in Canada, I burst into tears. Isent a contribution to the Gideons the very next day, with anote urging them to spread the range of their activity to allplaces where worn and weary travellers might lay down theirheads, not just to hotel rooms, and that they should leave notonly Bibles, but other sacred writings as well. I cannot think ofa better way to spread the faith. No thundering from a pulpit,no condemnation from bad churches, no peer pressure, just abook of scripture quietly waiting to say hello, as............
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