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A whole week had passed, when, one evening, there was noticeably a great hurry among the girls to finish supper. Whispering was more popular than dessert, and glances were being shot like hot fire from one to another of those near enough to interpret them.

“Oh, she won’t go,” Tavia told Ned. “Better not tell her anything about it, or we won’t get there either.”

“But she has been so blue——”

“Ned,” interrupted Tavia, “if you are going to be on my staff do not argue. I cannot stand insubordination.”

“That means that you are going to get me into more trouble, Tavia,” Edna got a chance to say. “Really I don’t like the thing at all.”

“Miss it then,” replied Tavia tersely. “But it’s a chance of a lifetime.”

“And Dorothy not to know——”

“I tell you that would spoil it all. You know Dorothy’s idea of a thing like that. Now I’m151 going upstairs. The ‘T’s’ are making eyes at one another, until there is danger of eye-lock and that’s as bad as lock-jaw. Be sure to leave as soon as you seen Jean look at her watch. I’ll be there.”

It was almost dark, and against the rules for the girls to leave the grounds at that time, but, in spite of that, a shuffling of feet down the outside stairway told of a venture unusual.

Not a word was spoken until some of the girls had safely passed outside the gate.

“Oh, I’m just scared to death,” breathed one.

“Nothing to be afraid of,” came in Jean’s voice. “If you don’t want the fun you may go back.”

“Oh! what was that?” exclaimed another. “I saw something dart across the street!”

“Rabbits,” replied the girl in the raincoat.

“Don’t you suppose she will ever tell?” asked Cecilia Reynolds.

“And lose her trade? It isn’t likely,” and they scurried along.

“How do you know she’s good?” asked one as she stumbled over a string of bushes.

“She has a crystal ball,” said Jean. “They are all good!”

“We’ll be good if we get back before study hour is over. It’s all right though, when Dorothy Dale did not get to hear of it. I’m just crazy to know something.”

152 “We all are—you goose. That’s why we are risking our reports.”

A few minutes later the girls were crowded into a dingy little room where Madame Shebad had arranged to tell their fortunes.

It was, of course, Jean’s idea, for Glenwood was rather dull for a girl who had been accustomed to the city life that Jean Faval left to “finish up” at a fashionable school. Only a musty curtain divided the parts of the fortune teller’s cabin, and, one at a time of course, the girls were to go behind this and get dizzy, gazing into the big, glass ball, made in an Ohio glass factory, but supposed to come from some other mysterious place, not on the maps of this good government.

“You go first,” begged a girl who was really first in line.

“Come in proper turns, please,” said a voice from inside the curtain, and the timid one started.

“Let me have your hand,” commanded the same,............
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