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“For once we did something without being found out,” one of the “T’s” remarked, trying to get her breath as they reached the hall.

“Humph!” sniffed Jean. “It’s easy enough to have a little fun once in a while. Boys always manage it.”

“And to think that not one of the Glens knew about it! That’s what makes me feel good,” said Tillie.

“They don’t know everything,” again retorted Jean. “If they did——” she stopped short. The words on her lips she felt she should not speak. The influence of the crafty fortune teller was too strong for her.

Recreation hour, as well as study hour, had passed, and some of the more timid truants began to fear for the next day’s work. What happened when they reached their own rooms was that lights were kept burning very late, and the fun of running away began to dwindle.

157 Dorothy had been writing letters when suddenly Edna almost burst into her room.

“Oh, Dorothy!” she gasped, “the awfulest thing has happened. Tavia is hurt!”

“Hurt! How? Where?” and Dorothy turned pale.

“She is out on the road and I cannot get her in. If we are found to have been off the grounds, and it’s so dark now——”

She stopped, panting and frightened.

“Why were you off the grounds?” demanded Dorothy, while she hastily got into a sweater to go to the rescue of Tavia.

“Oh, I can’t tell you! It’s a real secret, not a foolish one. If only we could get Jake to carry her in! But I couldn’t go to the barn alone.”

“Come and show me where she is,” commanded Dorothy, “and I do hope you girls will get a little sense soon,” she added. There was no anger in her voice, but it shook with apprehension.

It was not easy to get through the hall unnoticed, and, when at last the grounds were reached, both girls drew a breath of relief.

“What happened?” Dorothy asked.

“We were hurrying back, and she tripped over something. Maybe she only turned her ankle, but she cannot move.”

It was just outside the gate that they found158 the suffering girl. She seemed to be in great pain, and begged to be taken to her room quickly, “even if she had to be expelled for going out.”

“If you will stay two minutes here with Edna,” said Dorothy, “I’ll get Jake. I saw a light in the stable a moment ago.”

“But you won’t go up that path alone!” cried Edna. “Through all those bushes!”

“I’m not afraid of bushes,” replied Dorothy. “I am only afraid that you will both be found out. There’s a faculty meeting to-night. That’s one blessing.”

Edna took Tavia’s hand in hers, and tried to soothe her while Dorothy was away. Presently the latter returned with Jake.

“You won’t tell on us, Jake, will you?” Dorothy asked before the man had a chance to see what he could do for Tavia.

“Tell on you? No, young ones must have a lark once in a while, and as long as you were not stealing any more dogs——”

“Can you carry her?” Dorothy interrupted, more practically.

“As easy as a bundle of hay,” replied he. “Only show me what’s hurt, so I can keep away from it.”

“It’s my ankle,” groaned Tavia. “Oh my, what luck! And just when I wanted to be spry!”

Why she wanted to be spry was not apparent,159 but it was taken for granted that Tavia always wanted to be that way. Jake picked her up in the dark, for a lantern was out of the question in keeping secrecy.

Dorothy and Edna led the way, and kept watch that no one appeared along the path. Finally they got safely to the side stairway. As Dorothy said, the teachers were at a meeting, and Edna knew, but did not tell, that the girls to be feared were too busy making up lost time to be outside.

“Here we are,” Dorothy whispered, as, at last, Room Nineteen was reached.

Jake laid Tavia down carefully on the couch, and with his finger on his lips to indicate the good-night he feared to express, he took himself off.

Tavia suppressed her groans with difficulty. That foot did hurt!

“Let m............
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