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Lean In

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Sheryl Sandberg 

Sheryl sandberg, as one of the most successful women IN the world, she IN the super best-selling "LEAN IN, deeply analyze the inequality between men and women of the root causes of this kind of social phenomenon.

TAG: American writer Classical novels Inspiring novel

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Born to Run

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:novel 

Every morning, the antelope knows it must run faster than the fastest lion;The lion, it must run faster than the slowest gazelle.Whether lion or antelope, when the sun rises, all things


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Sam Walton: Made In America

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Sam Walton 

For decades, the company under the Walton family business is booming, the chain has amounted to 4150, all over the world.2001 annual revenue of $218.9 billion, beyond the stone in the United States

TAG: Inspiring novel Celebrity autobiography

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The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:Tobias Smollett 

In a certain county of England, bounded on one side by the sea, and at the distance of one hundred miles from the metropolis, lived Gamaliel Pickle, esq.; the father of that hero whose fortunes we propose to record. He was the son of a merchant in London, who, like Rome, from small beginnings had raised himself to the highest honours o...

TAG: Classical Novels

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The Adventures of Philip on his way through the World

Category: Inspiring Novel  Author:William Makepeace Tha 

“Not attend her own son when he is ill!” said my mother. “She does not deserve to have a son!” And Mrs. Pendennis looked towards her own only darling whilst uttering this indignant exclamation. As she looked, I know what passed through her mind. She nursed me: she dressed me in little caps and long-clothes: she attired me in my first j...

TAG: Classical Novels

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