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Did you ever hear how the Queen of Hearts made some tarts? And can you tell me what became of them?

“Why, of course I can! Doesn’t the song tell all about it?

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts:

All on a summer day:

The Knave of Hearts, he stole those tarts,

And took them quite away!”

Well, yes, the Song says so. But it would never do to punish the poor Knave, just because there was a Song about him. They had to take[50] him prisoner, and put chains on his wrists, and bring him before the King of Hearts, so that there might be a regular trial.

Now, if you look at the big picture, at the beginning of this book, you’ll see what a grand thing a trial is, when the Judge is a King!

The King is very grand, isn’t he? But he doesn’t look very happy. I think that big crown, on the top of his wig, must be very heavy and uncomfortable. But he had to wear them both, you see, so that people might know he was a Judge and a King.

And doesn’t the Queen look cross? She can see the dish of tarts on the table, that she had taken such trouble to make. And she can see the bad Knave (do you see the chains hanging from his wrists?) that stole them away from her: so I don’t think it’s any wonder if she does feel a little cross.

The White Rabbit is standing near the King, reading out the Song, to tell everybody what a bad Knave he is: and the Jury (you can just see two of them, up in the Jury-box,[51] the Frog and the Duck) have to settle whether he’s “guilty” or “not guilty.”

Now I’ll tell you about the accident that happened to Alice.

You see, she was si............
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