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Chapter 96
"Hello, Mr. Patel. My name is Tomohiro Okamoto. I amfrom the Maritime Department in the Japanese Ministry ofTransport. This is my assistant, Atsuro Chiba. We have cometo see you about the sinking of the ship Tsimtsum , of whichyou were a passenger. Would it be possible to talk to younow?""Yes, of course.""Thank you. It is very kind of you. [translation] Now,Atsuro-kun, you're new at this, so payattention and see to learn." "Yes, Okamoto-san." "Is the taperecorder on?" "Yes it is." "Good. Oh I'm so tired! For therecord, today is February 19th, 1978. Case file number250663, concerning the disappearance of the cargo shipTsimtsum.
[/translation] Are youcomfortable, Mr. Patel?&............
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