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Chapter 91
I climbed aboard my brother's boat. With my hands Iexplored it. I found he had lied to me. He had a little turtlemeat, a dorado head, and even – a supreme treat – somebiscuit crumbs. And he had water. It all went into my mouth. Ireturned to my boat and released his.
Crying as I had done did my eyes some good. The smallwindow at the top left of my vision opened a crack. I rinsedmy eyes with sea water. With every rinsing, the window openedfurther. My vision came back within two days.
I saw such a vision that I nearly wished I had remainedblind. His butchered, dismembered body lay on the floor of theboat. Richard Parker had amply supped on him, including onhis face, so that I never saw who my brother was.............
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