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Chapter 67
The underside of the raft became host to a multitude of sealife, like the net but smaller in form. It started with a softgreen algae that clung to the life jackets. Stiffer algae of adarker kind joined it. They did well and became thick. Animallife appeared. The first that I saw were tiny, translucent shrimp,hardly half an inch long. They were followed by fish no biggerthat looked like they were permanently under X-ray; theirinternal organs showed through their transparent skins. Afterthat I noticed the black worms with the white spines, the greengelatinous slugs with the primitive limbs, the inch-long,motley-coloured fish with the potbellies, and lastly the crabs, halfto three-quarters of an inch across and brown in colour. Itried everything but the worms, including the algae. Only thecrabs didn't have an unpalatably bitter or salty taste. E............
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