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Chapter 52
After a thorough investigation, I made a complete list:
? 192 tablets of anti-seasickness medicine? 124 tin cans of fresh water, each containing 500 millilitres,so 62 litres in all? 32 plastic vomit bags? 31 cartons of emergency rations, 500 grams each, so 15.5kilos in all? 16 wool blankets? 12 solar stills? 10 or so orange life jackets, each with an orange, headlesswhistle attached by a string? 6 morphine ampoule syringes? 6 hand flares? 5 buoyant oars? 4 rocket parachute flares? 3 tough, transparent plastic bags, each with a capacity ofabout 50 litres? 3 can openers? 3 graduated glass beakers for drinking? 2 boxes of waterproof matches? 2 buoyant orange smoke signals? 2 mid-size orange plastic buckets? 2 buoyant orange plastic bailing cups? 2 multi-purpose plastic containers with airtight lids? 2 yellow rectangular sponges? 2 buoyant synthetic ropes, each 50 metres long? 2 non-buoyant synthetic ropes of unspecified length, buteach at least 30 metres long? 2 fishing kits with hooks, lines and sinkers? 2 gaffs with very sharp barbed hooks? 2 sea anchors? 2............
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