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Chapter 12
Consider the case of the female black leopard that escapedfrom the Zurich Zoo in the winter of 1933. She was new tothe zoo and seemed to get along with the male leopard. Butvarious paw injuries hinted at matrimonial strife. Before anydecision could be taken about what to do, she squeezedthrough a break in the roof bars of her cage and vanished inthe night. The discovery that a wild carnivore was free in theirmidst created an uproar among the citizens of Zurich. Trapswere set and hunting dogs were let loose. They only rid thecanton of its few half-wild dogs. Not a trace of the leopard wasfound for ten weeks. Finally, a casual labourer came upon itunder a barn twenty-five miles away and shot it. Remains ofroe-deer were found nearby. That a big, black, tropical catmanaged to survive for more than two m............
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