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Chapter 33

Dors had urged Seldon to sleep a bit. They would be leaving halfway between lights out and lights on, under cover of "night," while the rest of the University slept. She insisted he could still use a little rest.
"And have you sleep on the floor again?" Seldon asked.
She shrugged. "The bed will only hold one and if we both try to crowd into it, neither of us will get much sleep."
He looked at her hungrily for a moment and said, "Then Ill sleep on the floor this time."
"No, you wont. I wasnt the one who lay in a coma in the sleet."
As it happened, neither slept. Though they darkened the room and though the perpetual hum of Trantor was only a drowsy sound in the relatively quiet confines of the University, Seldon found that he had to talk. He said, "Ive been so much trouble to you, Dors, here at the University. Ive even been keeping you from your work. Still, Im sorry Ill have to leave you."
Dors said, "You wont leave me. Im coming with you. Hummin is arranging a leave of absence for me."
Seldon said, dismayed, "I cant ask you to do that."
"Youre not. Hummins asking it. I must guard you. After all, I faded in connection with Upperside and should make up for it."
"I told you. Please dont feel guilty about that.--Still, I must admit I would feel more comfortable with you at my side. If I could only be sure I wasnt interfering with your life ..."
Dors said softly, "Youre not, Hari. Please go to sleep."
Seldon lay silent for a while, then whispered, "Are you sure Hummin can really arrange everything, Dors?"
Dors said, "Hes a remarkable man. Hes got influence here at the University and everywhere else, I think. If he says he can arrange for an indefinite leave for me, Im sure he can. He is a most persuasive man."
"I know,&q............
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