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Chapter 29

On the second morning Seldon stirred awake and looked up at Dors, who sat at his bedside, viewing a book-film and taking notes. In a voice that was almost normal, Seldon said, "Still here, Dors?"
She put down the book-film. "I cant leave you alone, can I? And I dont trust anyone else."
"It seems to me that every time I wake up, I see you. Have you been here all the time?"
"Sleeping or waking, yes."
"But your classes?"
"I have an assistant who has taken over for a while." Dors leaned over and grasped Haris hand. Noticing his embarrassment (he was, after all, in bed), she removed it.
"Hari, what happened? I was so frightened."
Seldon said, "I have a confession to make."
"What is it, Hari?"
"I thought perhaps you were part of a conspiracy--"
"A conspiracy?" she said vehemently.
"I mean, to maneuver me Upperside where Id be outside University jurisdiction and therefore subject to being picked up by Imperial forces."
"But Upperside isnt outside University jurisdiction. Sector jurisdiction on Trantor is from the planetary center to the sky."
"Ah, I didnt know that. But you didnt come with me because you said you had a busy schedule and, when I was getting paranoid, I thought you were deliberately abandoning me. Please forgive me. Obviously, it was you who got me down from there. Did anyone else care?"
"They were busy men," said Dors carefully. "They thought you had come down earlier. I mean, it was a legitimate thought."
"Clowzia thought so too?"
"The young intern? Yes, she did."
"Well, it may still have been a ............
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