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Chapter 8

Hari Seldon looked at the holograph of himself cast by Hummins projector. It was more dramatic and useful than a mirror would have been. In fact, it seemed as though there were two of him in the room.
Seldon studied the sleeve of his new tunic. His Heliconian attitudes made him wish the colors were less vibrant, but he was thankful that, as it was, Hummin had chosen softer colors than were customary here on this world. (Seldon thought of the clothing worn by their two assailants and shuddered inwardly.) He said, "And I suppose I must wear this hat."
"In the Imperial Sector, yes. To go bareheaded here is a sign of low breeding. Elsewhere, the rules are different."
Seldon sighed. The round hat was made of soft material and molded itself to his head when he put it on. The brim was evenly wide all around, but it was narrower than on the hats his attackers had worn. Seldon consoled himself by noticing that when he wore the hat the brim curved rather gracefully. "It doesnt have a strap under the chin."
"Of course not. Thats advanced fashion for young lanks."
"For young what?"
"A lank is someone who wears things for their shock value. Im sure you have such people on Helicon."
Seldon snorted. "There are those who wear their hair shoulder-length on one side and shave the other." He laughed at the memory. Hummins mouth twisted slightly. "I imagine it looks uncommonly ugly."
"Worse. There are lefties and righties, ap............
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